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Cape Cod Wedding DJ Tom Tuttle

"Tasteful & Polished" Kristen and Bill - Wequassett DJ

Cape Cod Wedding

describes the sense of style

Cape Cod DJ Tom Tuttle brings to a wedding reception.


Tom's Differentiators

A DJ Who Listens!

  • Experience 20+ years as a Cape Cod Wedding DJ

  • Great listener - (How can a DJ carry out your wishes if they do not listen?)

  • Tasteful low-key approach - Your dance floor can be wild, but I will not be center of attention. Talk kept to minimum

  • Knowledge of all types of music and genres

  • Ability to energize dance floor for all types of crowds - Cannot learn this in a book

  • Great communication skills

  • Knows how to make your day flow well and be fun - Tip: keep it simple

  • The confidence not to feel obligated to entertain

  • Attention to, and managing your wedding details, especially your music

  • Cape Cod Native - Familiarity and experienced with every premier wedding venue on Cape Cod



Bride & Groom enjoy Boardwalk in Yarmouthport.  One of Tom's favorite places to visit as he grew up in Yarmouthports = Stress-Free Elegant Cape Cod Weddings

Cape Cod Wedding DJ Disc Jockey Tom Tuttle

Cape Cod Wedding DJ Tom Tuttle is top-rated on the Cape and is one of the area's most popular,

experienced, and respected DJs.


He comes Highly Recommended by every premier wedding venue on Cape Cod .


Tom is also well-known to radio listeners on the Cape, Islands, and Southeastern Massachusetts as a result of his 25+ year affiliation

with WQRC-FM, 99.9 in Barnstable Hyannis, MA.

Available for   -  Cape Cod Weddings, Corporate events, School Dances, Holiday, and Family Parties


Years as Wedding DJ   -  20+  Tom Tuttle, a DJ veteran, is the most experienced Wedding DJ on Cape Cod.  Ask around.

Musical Strengths   -   You name it!   Tom is comfortable playing everything from swing to hip hop. 

For good DJ discipline (In addition to his wedding DJ schedule) Tom regularly DJs 8th grade school dances to keep his

music current and his crowd reading skills honed. His playlist is always up-to-date as you can see on our music list page.


Style   -   Tom takes a Tasteful Low-key approach.  He'll get your crowd energized, but without an over-the-top style. 


With his polished emcee manner, and finely-tuned sense of timing he will energize your reception with great music, without trying to

be the center of attention, as he refrains from the typical interactive DJ chatter.


Tom avoids WWF type introductions or trendy productions when introducing bridal parties, and keeps his speaking delivery in a natural tone.


Couples who choose Tom love him because he is versatile, and knows how to keep your music flowing, and you and your guests happy. 

Discerning couples are sure to appreciate DJ Tom Tuttle.  He will make you happy!


    There is NO Substitute for 20+ Years of Cape Cod Wedding DJ Experience

    Cape Cod Wedding DJ Tom Tuttle Highly Recommended at Wequassett Inn Chatham Harwich

    Wequassett DJ - Cape Cod's Tom Tuttle

    Dear Tom,

    You did a terrific job with our music, a great job being the MC and were a pleasure to work with.  After we met you the Thursday before the wedding, we knew we were in good hands. 

    Your work is extremely professional coupled with an amazing attention to detail.  The sense of style you brought to our special day was tasteful and polished!" 

    Kristen and Bill - Wequassett


Cape Cod DJ Tom Tuttle's References & Testimonials

Tom had a A Great DJ Teacher

"Always remember that you are not the star of the day, and never be bigger than the event.  It's all about the bride."  Quote From Tom's DJ Mentor


The words and philosophy from Tom's teacher have translated into great success for him during his 20+ years as both a Cape Cod Wedding DJ, and on the radio. A favorite comment of Tom's at the end of a reception went:

"We could sense your confidence at what you do in that you didn't feel obligated to entertain us.  We really appreciated that.  You played the music we wanted and kept a low profile."

Cape Cod  We specialize in elegant Cape Cod Weddings and take a tasteful low-key approach as DJs.  Thank you for your considering us!

Tom loves his work and feels fortunate to still be going strong 20+ years later!

Cape Cod Wedding Cake at Chatham Bars Inn Boat House


Thanks for your consideration - Tom Tuttle

If Tom's tasteful and polished DJ style appeals to you let him know by clicking Request DJ Info